Feature Toggles as Permissioning Toggles

I’m sure that everyone in the software industry has heard of the term “feature toggles”. I don’t know how many of you have used this feature in your workflow but feature toggles are a great way to on/off a feature that has not been yet implemented fully. This method used mostly in the teams that follow continuous integration practices.

Spring Integration Test @Sql Annotation and the Separation of the Statements

The @Sql annotation is a powerful Spring-specific annotation which you can use while creating integration tests. I’ve been using it for quite a while, it’s easy to use and powerful.

Recently I came across a situation in which I had to insert a row into a database table before the integration test performed and of course I used @Sql annotation.

How to Run a Playbook Without SSH Password

One of the boring things while working with Ansible is that it prompts each time the hosts’ SSH passwords.

$ ansible-playbook my-playbook.yml
SSH password:

I kept entering passwords a very long time when creating/modifying playbooks.

Finally, I decided not to enter ssh passwords each time. Its very simple configuration indeed.